Bible Audio App Tutorial

Thank you for downloading the Bible Audio app from Bible Gateway! This tutorial will walk you through how to use the Bible Audio app on your device. 


1. Click the verse abbreviation in the upper left corner to pull up the 'Go to Passage' menu. Choose your Bible book and chapter and tap 'Go' in the upper right corner. You can also tap Plans under 'Go to Passage' on this page to choose a reading plan. If you choose a reading plan, then tap 'Go' in the upper right corner. 

2. Choose your translation and reader by tapping in the upper right corner. Tap the translation you want to listen to.

3. The Bible text will appear in the largest part of the screen, one verse at a time. The verses will move automatically as the audio plays. 

4. Tap the '1x' to choose the speed at which the audio plays. You have six options to choose from.

5. Tapping this icon will show you the copyright information for the translation.

6. Tapping 'No Repeat' will allow you to choose whether to repeat the chapter, the verse, or to have no repeat.

7. This is the Play/Pause button. Tap it to play the audio and tap it to pause the audio. 

8. The Timer allows you to set an amount of time that the audio plays for. You have seven options, including 'None' if you want to manually pause the audio. If you choose a time amount, the app will automatically pause the audio after the time is up.



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