How do I create notes?

There are two ways to create a note in the Bible Gateway App. The first method lets you quickly create a note that isn’t tied to a specific Bible verse. The second method is for creating a note that is associated with a verse.

1. The first way is to tap Notes in the left-hand navigation bar. In the Notes panel, tap the Add button in the top right-hand corner. The note interface will appear, and you can begin typing your note. The first few characters of text that you type will become the title of your note. When you are finished, tap Save & Back in the upper left corner of the panel. Notes created in this way will not be tagged to specific Bible verses.

2. The second way allows you to tag notes to specific Bible verses. While viewing a Bible passage, select one or more verses by tapping them. Then tap the Notes icon at the bottom of the green ribbon on the right side of the screen to open up the Notes section of the Scripture Resource Panel.  Tap Add New Note and use the note interface to record your thoughts. Then tap Save & Back in the upper left corner of the panel. Your note will be saved both there in the Scripture Resource Panel, and in the Notes section accessed via the left-hand navigation.

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