How do I copy and paste?

Our app for iOS allows for quick and easy copy and pasting.

1. Simply tap on a verse under “Bible” view to pull up the toolbar.

2. Then select the share icon and choose “Copy to clipboard.” This means that the verse has been copied.

3. After that, you can paste the text of the verse in your notes or anywhere else on your device. In order to paste, simply tap and hold in a text field until a small magnifying glass pops up. Then release. This will pull up the option to paste your text.

Please note that we have yet to create a dedicated copy and paste feature for Android devices. But some newer Android phones and tablets have this feature natively and will allow you to copy and paste. To do so, simply follow the same instructions for iOS.

For reference, this image shows the “Copy to Clipboard” option on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


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