How do I read the Bible and listen to the audio at the same time?

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It's easy to listen to the Bible while you read it! Here are the instructions for how to do it.

1. First open the app and tap on the Bible Gateway logo in the top left hand corner

2. Select "Bible" from the options in the menu.

3. You will be brought to the Bible view. To change the book, chapter and verse, simply tap on the Scripture being shown.

4. This has brought up our passage picker. Tap on The scripture, chapter and verse shown to change your selected reading. After choosing your reading, tap "OK."

5.a. Tap on the audio icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.The audio picker should automatically have selected the scripture you were reading. Simply tap the play button to start. Then to exit the audio, simply tap outside of the white audio box.

Please note that the audio icon isn't present with every translation. It is only available for the audio Bibles we have made available on the app. When selecting a translation, look for the audio icon to the right of it. This indicates that there is audio available.





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