Accessing a Past Devotional

From time to time, we temporarily or permanently retire email newsletters and devotionals. Generally speaking, retired devotionals can still be accessed online at our Devotionals page. Although we may no longer send out the full text of each devotional via email, Bible Gateway account holders can still subscribe to these devotionals online and opt to receive email reminders when a new reading is ready. You can read more about how to subscribe to an online devotional here.

While we try to keep devotionals online and available whenever we can, there are times when a devotional is retired and removed entirely from Bible Gateway. This could be due to one of several factors--the devotionals might be tied to a specific holiday, may have been set up specifically to run for only a short time, or our agreement with the devotional's publisher may require us to remove it. In those cases, we apologize for any inconvenience you experience and hope that you can find a different devotional in our devotional library that meets your needs.

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