Tracking Progress for Devotionals and Reading Plans

Subscribing to a devotional on Bible Gateway is a way to keep track of how far you've read in that devotional, get email reminders when a new reading is ready, and never miss an entry or "fall behind" on your reading. When you visit any devotional or reading plan on Bible Gateway (you can choose from our full list of our online devotionals here, and our reading plans are listed here), you'll now see a new subscription panel at the top of the daily reading. It looks like this:


This panel lets you subscribe to a devotional that you want to follow. Subscribing to a devotional makes it easier for you to keep up with your devotional reading by allowing you to:

  • Have reminders sent directly to your email when a new devotional reading is ready
  • Chose your own starting date, and track your reading progress
  • Pause a devotional at any time, and easily catch up with readings you've fallen behind in

To subscribe to a devotional, you'll need to be logged into a free Bible Gateway account. (You can follow most of these steps if you're not logged in, but you'll be prompted to log in before you complete the process, and may not see all of the options until you've done so. Here's more info about Bible Gateway accounts.) To subscribe to a devotional, visit one of our devotionals and click the Subscribe button on that panel. This will open a calendar view you can use to select the date on which you wish to start reading the devotional. You can also opt to have email reminders sent to you whenever a new reading is reading by selecting the Send reminders to... checkbox:


Choose your start date and (optionally) check the email reminder box, then click the Start button. (You must be logged into a Bible Gateway account in order to subscribe to a devotional; if you aren't logged in at this point, you'll be prompted to log in or create a free account when you press the button to subscribe.) Now that you're subscribed, Bible Gateway will remember where you are in that devotional. Anytime you visit that devotional page, you'll be presented with the next reading. You can manage your subscription to a devotional by clicking on the little calendar icon above each reading:


The panel that opens up gives you the option to pause or restart the devotional, start or stop email reminders, unsubscribe from devotional, or "catch up" the devotional by marking all previous entries as "read":


Once you're subscribed to a devotional, you'll want to visit it regularly to do the readings. Most of our devotionals have a new reading either weekly or daily. You can bookmark the individual devotional's page, or find it in our big list of devotionals. If you checked the box to receive an email reminder when a new reading is ready, you'll get an email reminder (with a link to the new reading) on the appropriate days.

That's a very cursory introduction to our new devotional subscription feature—and we'll be working to improve it as we receive feedback from visitors like you, so the details may change a bit. But if you've been frustrated in the past by a lack of customization options for our online devotionals, we encourage you to visit our devotionals and try out the new subscription feature (and to let us know what you think)!

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