How To: Use Bible Gateway's URL Structure

Passage URLs

Here's an example of a link to John 3:

The two main components to the passage URL are the Verse Range and the Version. They're located at the end of the URL, after '/passage/'

Verse Range

Put a single verse or a passage range in the URL after "search=" in place of "VERSE_RANGE". Bible Gateway understands a variety of syntaxes and spellings. For example, 'John 3', "John3", and  "jn.3" will all grab John 3. For a range of verses, separate the range with a dash. For example 'John 3:16-John 4:5" or 'jn.3.16-20'.


For "VERSION" put in the abbreviation for the version you'd like to be displayed. 'NIV' for New International Version, 'KJV' for King James Version, etc. If you don't specify a version Bible Gateway will display the current user's default translation. 

You can also specify up to five different versions to see the passage in parallel. Just separate them with semicolons (ie NIV;KJV;ESV).

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