How do I perform an advanced passage search on Bible Gateway?

What if you want to do a search for something a bit more complex than the basic Search Bar allows? What if you want to see your search results in several different versions at the same time, or if you want to restrict your search to a particular part of the Bible? The answer is to do an advanced keyword search. Here's how it works.

First, click on Passage Lookup under the Bible section of the menu on the top of the page:

Link to passage lookup

Here, you can search Bible Gateway for specific passages just like in the Search—but here, you have some extra options available. In the Enter Passage box, you can enter the Bible passage you'd like to look up. If you click the "Lookup multiple passages" link, you can enter up to four additional verses at the same time. When you press the "Lookup Passage" button, all of the verses you entered will be displayed next to each other on the results page. Try entering more than one verse into the forms to see how it works (try Matthew 1:1, Mark 1:1, Luke 1:1, and John 1:1 and compare the opening verse of each of the four gospels).

Passage lookup

The second section on the Passage Lookup prompts you to Select Version(s). This form lets you choose which version or versions of the Bible you want to search. Choose a Bible language and version from the drop-down list (if you don't choose one, it defaults to the English New International Version). You can specify more than one Bible version by clicking the "Lookup passage(s) in multiple versions" link.

Passage lookup version options

Lastly, the Options section lets you choose whether or not to hide footnotes and cross-references in your search results.

Passage lookup options

The last two items note whether or not Deuterocanonical books (the Apocrypha) are included in your search and also if you are limiting your options in your preferences. Follow the link provided to change your Deuterocanonical settings and visit the preferences page to change all other options.

Once you've made all of the choices you want, click the "Lookup Passage" button, and you'll see your search results. From there, you can further refine your search results or do a new search. You can always return here by clicking the Passage Lookup line on the navigation bar at the left side of the screen.

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