I'm not receiving email reminders for my subscribed reading plans.

If you subscribed to a reading plan but aren't receiving email reminders, check each of the following things:

1. Make sure that you're correctly subscribed to the plan. Visit the Reading Plans page (making sure to log in to your Bible Gateway account first). Your subscribed reading plans will appear at the top of the list of reading plans, like this:


If you don't see your subscribed reading plan there, then you may not have been successfully subscribed to the reading plan. Try re-subscribing to it by following the instructions here.

2. Make sure you opted to receive email reminders. Click Manage Plan for the reading plan in question and verify that the checkbox next to Yes, please send reminders... is checked and that the email address there is correct. If it isn't checked, check it now.

3. Make sure the email reminders aren't being blocked or quarantined by a spam filter in your email inbox. This is a common but easily-corrected problem; if you find the reminders in your spam filter, mark them as "not spam."

4. If, after checking the above items, you still aren't receiving your reminders, contact us. If you still aren't receiving your reminder within 24 hours of verifying the above items, feel free to contact our support team. (When you contact us, please let us know if you've checked the above items already, so that we don't send you suggestions that you've already followed.)

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