Why can't I get a product that was offered on or through Bible Gateway?

Many of the products offered on or through Bible Gateway come from third party retailers. Retailers often target customers in the United States and may not ship products outside of the continental United States. 

If you prefer to opt out of receiving promotional email because these resources are not available to you in your area, you can unsubscribe from these offers at any time by following the instructions here.
 Additionally, Bible Gateway has an agreement with some of our publishing partners (who provide us with devotional content) that provides the publisher with the opportunity to send out a periodic product promotional email in addition to the regular newsletters. If you are subscribed to devotionals or other email content from Bible Gateway, you could continue to receive a periodic promotional email, because it is part of our agreement with the publisher and there is no way to opt out that particular promotional email without also opting out of the devotional in question.

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