How To: Add Notes

To take a note while you're reading Scripture on Bible Gateway, tap, double-click, or highlight a word or phrase to select it. A toolbar will appear (see screenshot below). Tap or click on the takeanoteicon.jpg button (second from the right) to open up a small screen in which you can write your note.


Tapping or clicking the note icon opens a note-taking window:


Type anything you want into the main part of the note-taking window. Clicking Save saves the note to your account; you can access it from any device as long as you're logged into your account. Clicking Cancel removes the note and closes the window.

The note is now attached to the passage. Bible passages that you've annotated in this way are marked with a noteicon.jpg icon, like this:


Clicking or tapping on that icon will open up your note. Tapping or clicking the icons in the top right of the note window allow you to:

  • deletenote.jpg Delete your note
  • editnote.jpg Edit your note
  • closenote.jpg Close the note window

You can make more than one note about the same Bible passage. If more than one note exists for the passage, you can browse between them using the arrows at the bottom of the note window:


The notes you've taken are all stored online on You can view or delete the notes you've taken by visiting the My Annotations section of your Bible Gateway account.

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