How To: Highlight

When reading the Bible on, you can highlight Bible passages in different colors, much as you might use a physical highlighter to mark passages in a print Bible. To highlight a passage, tap, double-click, or drag-select the passage you want to highlight. A toolbar will appear. You will see a list of colors to choose from:


Click or tap one of the four colors (yellow, red, blue, green) on the left to highlight the passage in that color. Click or tap the X icon (to the right of the colors) to remove the highlight.The process looks like this:


To change or remove a highlight, select the passage again and either choose a new color or click or tap the X icon to remove the highlight.

Your highlights are saved to your account and can be viewed on any device as long as you are logged into your Bible Gateway account.

Please note that the highlight feature is only available when you are viewing the Bible on our website. It is not available for other resources, such as commentaries or dictionaries. 

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