How do I use Bible Gateway Plus?

Some of your Bible Gateway Plus benefits are passive; for example, you don't see any banner ads while reading Scripture. Others, however, are things you'll be using actively. The most prominent such feature is access to the Bible Gateway Plus reference library, a collection of Bible commentaries and other references that you can use right alongside your Bible reading. Let's look at how to access that reference library.

First, log in to your Bible Gateway account and look up any Bible passage on Bible Gateway—for example John 3.

Once you're looking at the Bible passage, notice the blue Study This sidebar to the right of the Scripture text. It looks like this:


That sidebar shows you the types of Bible reference works available to you and the number of titles of each type. Each item in this list is one of the reference works you can access; the number next to the title shows you how many entries in that reference are relevant to the Bible passage you're currently reading. To see those entries, click or tap on the arrow again:


This is a list of each entry in the reference work that talks about the Bible passage you're reading. General entries tend to have a full title, like "Introduction to John", while entries that comment on a specific verse are listed as verse references, like "Jn 3:1".

The last thing to do is to click or tap on the entry you want to read. For example, to read the notes about John 3:2, select that entry and you'll see something like this:


Use the arrow icons to navigate forward and back through the notes. Click or tap the dark blue Study This button to open or close your study panel.

That's it! You're now benefiting from Bible reference material right alongside your Scripture reading. If you're just getting started, pick one reference and use it until you're comfortable with the interface. Eventually, if you're doing a serious study of a Bible passage, you'll want to check several different references to see what they have to say about what you're studying. (And don't forget that whenever we add a new title to the Bible Gateway Plus library, you get full access to it in the study panel.)

You'll find these study notes will really help clarify Scripture and deepen your engagement with the Bible.

Log in now to start reading and studying the Bible with your Bible Gateway Plus membership!

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