How To: Search

We’ve made it easy to search the Bible from several different locations inside the Bible Gateway App.  

1. There is a search box at the top of the Dashboard when you open the app.


2. You can tap Search (the magnifying glass icon) in the left navigation at any time to open up the Search panel.


Simply type your query into the search box (keywords or verse references), select the translation and section of the Bible you’d like to search, tap “Search” or “Enter” on the keyboard, and your results will appear. 


At the top of the results listing are the books of the Bible that contain the keyword you requested. Underneath are the verse results for your query. You can tap any of the results, and you’ll be taken directly to that location in the Bible view.


3. Open the app, tap on the menu icon in the top left hand corner and select "Bible" from the menu list. The page should now open at Genesis 1. On the top bar of the page where it says Gen 1 (or in this screenshot, John 1.) Tap that icon.


This will open a new page where the Top Bar will say Select Verse.  Then below that you will find the Bible book index, starting from Genesis to Revelation.


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