How To: Search With Bible Book Abbreviations

On Bible Gateway, you can enter book abbreviations into the search bar to save time when you search. Many books have more than one accepted abbreviation. You can follow the abbreviation with a chapter and/or verse reference specified (e.g. Ge 1, Gen 1, Ge 1:1, or Gen 1:1) to pull up your result. Below is a list of acceptable abbreviations for each book of the Bible.

Please note that you must search with Roman numerals instead of numbers for books like I Samuel, II Chronicles, I Corinthians, II Peter, III John, etc. at this time.

Old Testament:

Genesis: Ge, Gen

Exodus: Ex, Exo, Exod

Leviticus: Lev

Numbers: Nu, Num

Deuteronomy: Deu, Deut

Joshua: Jos, Josh

Judges: Judg

Ruth: Ru, Rt

1 Samuel: I Sa, I Sam

2 Samuel: II Sa, II Sam

1 Kings: I Ki, I Kin

2 Kings: II Ki, II Kin

1 Chronicles: I Ch, I Chr

2 Chronicles: II Ch, II Chr

Ezra: Ezr

Nehemiah: Ne, Neh

Esther: Est, Esth

Job: Jo

Psalms: Ps, Psa

Proverbs: Pr, Pro, Prov

Ecclesiastes: Ec, Ecc, Eccl

Song of Songs: SS, Song

Isaiah: Is, Isa

Jeremiah: Jer, Jere

Lamentations: La, Lam

Ezekiel: Ez, Eze, Ezk

Daniel: Da, Dan

Hosea: Ho, Hos

Joel: Joe

Amos: Am, Amo

Obadiah: Ob, Oba

Jonah: Jon, Jona

Micah: Mi, Mic, Mica

Nahum: Na, Nah

Habakkuk: Hab

Zephaniah: Zep, Zph, Zeph

Haggai: Hag

Zechariah: Zch, Zech

Malachi: Mal

New Testament:

Matthew: Mat, Matt

Mark: Mar

Luke: Lu, Luk

John: Jn

Acts: Ac, Act

Romans: Ro, Rom, Roma

1 Corinthians: I Co, I Cor

2 Corinthians: II Co, II Cor

Galatians: Ga, Gal

Ephesians: Ep, Eph

Philippians: Phil, Phili

Colossians: Col

1 Thessalonians: I Th, I The

2 Thessalonians: II Th, II The

1 Timothy: I Ti, I Tim

2 Timothy: II Ti, II Tim

Titus: Ti, Tit

Philemon: Phm, Phile

Hebrews: He, Heb

James: Jam

1 Peter: I Pe, I Pet

2 Peter: II Pe, II Pet

1 John: I Jo, I Joh

2 John: II Jo, II Joh

3 John: III Jo, III Joh

Jude: Jud

Revelation: Re, Rev

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