Why don’t you have certain versions of the Bible?

We seek to display the Bible in as many languages and reliable translations as possible.  If the Bible you're looking for does not appear on Bible Gateway, it may be for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Orthodoxy: Bible Gateway requires that the Bible translations displayed on Bible Gateway reflect the understanding of the Christian faith as expressed in the historic creeds of the church and in our Statement of Faith. Any Bible translations that do not represent historic, orthodox Christian belief are not included in our library of Bibles.
  • Permissions. Some Bibles do not appear on Bible Gateway due to our inability to secure a license and/or permission to display them from the publisher/copyright holder. We are constantly working with copyright holders to expand our library of Bibles, but the legal licensing process takes time.
  • Formatting. Other Bible texts are not properly formatted for display on the Web. In these instances, we work with the licensors to convert the text into a workable format. Such processes require significant time and resources and often postpone the display of the text on the site.

Please note also that beyond these reasons, we at Bible Gateway often have to make decisions about which Bibles to pursue or prioritize based on the resources and time we have available. Sometimes a Bible or other piece of content must simply take a lower priority to more pressing projects. At times, a Bible may be deemed a poor fit for Bible Gateway for other reasons.

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