Inappropriate Ads

All ads run on Bible Gateway are handled by a third-party Christian company that follows strict guidelines about the types of ads that we allow on Bible Gateway. Their guidelines prohibit inappropriate and offensive advertising of any kind; if you are seeing inappropriate ads that appear inconsistent with Bible Gateway, this is likely caused by one of these two situations:

  • They originate from a site you visited prior to coming to Many sites incorporate code that causes a pop-up ad to appear after you’ve left their site. Bible Gateway has no control over pop-ups from other websites.
  • They originate from spyware/malware on your computer. There are unfortunately many types of malware that, once they infect a computer, replace advertisements on the websites you visit with ads that redirect to their own sites. While nobody likes to think that their computer has been infected by such malware, if you are encountering strange or upsetting ads on websites that have not previously run them (like Bible Gateway), we strongly encourage you to thoroughly scan your computer for virus or malware infection.

We have found that almost all cases of inappropriate ads encountered on Bible Gateway can be traced to one of these sources. If you are certain that neither of these is the case, please e-mail If possible, when contacting us about an ad issue, include a screenshot of the ads in question to help us investigate the situation.

Regarding pop-up advertising, the only pop-up ad used on Bible Gateway is presented occasionally on our homepage to call attention to new and noteworthy features on If you are seeing any other pop-up or other inappropriate ads on Bible Gateway, they are most likely caused by the scenarios described above.

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