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Your Bible Gateway Plus membership makes a library of Bible study resources available to you as you read Scripture. To use Bible Gateway Plus to study the Bible, follow the instructions below.

Log into your Bible Gateway Account

First, log in to your Bible Gateway account. You must be a member of Bible Gateway Plus and logged into your account to access the features below. 

Accessing Premium Devotionals

Your premium devotionals can be found by visiting the Devotionals page. Please reference this Help article for steps on how to sign up for a devotional. 

Accessing Commentaries, Study Bibles, and Other Advanced Study Resources

Begin by looking up the Bible passage you want to read. For example, if you want to study John 3, look it up using Bible Gateway's search feature. The Bible study resources are available across all Bible versions, so it doesn't matter which Bible version you select. (Even study resources that have a Bible version name in their title, such as the NIV Study Bible, are fully usable with other Bible translations.) 

Once you're looking at the Bible passage, notice the column to the right of the Scripture text:


Each item in the list under 'Study' is one of the reference works you can access as a member of Bible Gateway Plus; the number next to the resource title shows you how many entries in that reference are relevant to the Bible passage you're currently reading. If you're new to Bible Gateway Plus, start by looking at the Study Bibles. (A study Bible is a type of Bible that includes short commentary and notes about the text, and is a good all-around resource to start with.)


When you click or tap an entry from any Bible Gateway Plus resource in the Study column, you'll see the full text of the entry. Depending on which resource you're using and the Bible passage you're reading about, this entry might be short, long, or somewhere in between. You can also click on the Intro tab to get some basic information about the Bible book you're reading from:


That's how you access the study resources--so how should you actually use them? These study notes and commentary notes are designed to explain and add context to Bible verses. As you read the Bible passage, make a note of verses that interest, confuse, or otherwise stand out to you. (You can make a mental note or use Bible Gateway's annotations to highlight verses or add a note or a favorite.) Then look to the Study panel to see if there is an entry that matches the verse(s) in question. If there is, click or tap that entry to read it.

That's it! You're now benefiting from Bible reference material right alongside your Scripture reading. You'll find these study notes can help clarify Scripture and deepen your engagement with the Bible. If you're just getting started, we recommend that you pick one reference and use it until you're comfortable with the interface. Eventually, if you're doing a serious study of a Bible passage, you'll want to check several different references to see what they have to say about what you're studying.

Log in now to start reading and studying the Bible with your Bible Gateway Plus membership!

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