How to use the Bible Gateway Atlas

The Bible Gateway Atlas features scrollable, zoomable, interactive maps that help you keep places straight as you're reading the Bible.

Let's say you're reading Acts 14, an account of Paul of Barnabas's travels. In verses 19-21, you read about their visit to Antioch, and in verse 26 you read that they "sailed back to Antioch." You might think that this Antioch is the same one mentioned a few verses earlier, but it's actually in a different place entirely. The Bible Gateway Atlas helps you understand the location of each Antioch and how they relate to the other places mentioned in Acts 14.

If you're a Bible Gateway Plus subscriber, you can access the Bible Gateway Atlas through the study sidebar on the right side of Bible passage pages (or the "Study" tab at the bottom of the screen on your mobile device). Click "Bible Gateway Atlas" under "Maps" to show a list of places in the passage. Then click the place you're interested in to open a map like this one of Acts 14:


The map shows you a satellite view of the place you clicked. Near the map is a list of other places mentioned in the passage you're reading, along with the verses that mention them in the passage. You can click the modern name of the place to highlight it on the map, or you can click the markers on the map itself. Sometimes scholars aren't sure exactly where a biblical place is located: some places may have more than one possible location, and a "?" appears if scholars are uncertain. The word "region" appears if the place refers to an area; the map marker indicates a point in the region. Some places are described as "in the region of" another location, meaning that the exact location is nearby but not necessarily known.

To close the map, click the X in the upper right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of this data?
The possible locations are based on the Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible and the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible.

Is the Bible Gateway Atlas available in the Bible Gateway App?
At this time, the Bible Gateway Atlas is only available on the website.

What if I find an error?
Please feel free to contact us using this form. Please choose Translation > I found a typographical error.

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